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In order to prevent fraudulent use and abuse, the IQ Card is equipped with the latest and most reliable security features.
The IQ Card is secured by a PIN code, which is transferred in encrypted form when used to make payment and which therefore complies with the highest security standards. We would also be happy to provide you with your own choice of PIN code.
You also have the option of using additional security questions with the IQ Card: questions on driver number and mileometer reading

In case of loss or theft, you can block your IQ Card free of charge at any time of day or night in the IQ Card NetService. As a result, you are protected against abuse of the card.

Card limits: if you wish, you can set your own 24-hours limit, weekly limit and monthly limit for your fuel cards.
Purchasing categories: you decide which products can be paid for with the IQ Card.
Card checking in real-time (online): the card is subject to an immediate online check every time it is used. In addition, all customers are able to block their card(s) online.
Transaction-E-Mail: An E-Mail can be sent after every transaction optionally - for best control on card usage.