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You can use the IQ Card to refuel in the entire IQ Card network without paying cash or to obtain an immediate discount. We offer you flexibility and base our conditions on the fuel volume that you require and the location of your vehicles. We would be happy to send you a non-binding price quotation based on your company's requirements.

There are none! Our IQ Card is completely free of charge! There are no charges for using the card, nor are there any ongoing or hidden charges.

None! And of course, we also provide you with our 24-hour IQ Card NETService and automatic price information free of charge.

This is not possible. You can only use the IQ Card to pay for fuel at stations listed in our network in our list of petrol stations.

Certainly! Regardless of how much fuel you purchase and which conditions have been agreed upon, you can decide how many fuel cards you wish to use! You can also block existing cards or order more fuel cards free of charge at any time.

You will receive an attachment with every IQ Card invoice, on which each of your cards will be listed as a separate item. Each item shows when, where, at what time and what quantity of fuel was purchased. In addition, you can decide whether you wish the invoice attachments to be listed according to vehicle name, person etc. We request that you let us know which separate items you would like included in your invoices when you apply for your fuel cards.

The IQ Card's security levels meet the latest standards. The IQ Card's security levels meet the latest standards. The IQ Card's security levels meet the latest standards. Apart from the prompt to enter a PIN code, you have the option of using several additional prompts, in order to protect your card in the best way, that is, prompts based on the driver's number and the mileometer. You can also view all purchases made by all of the cards at any time on our online customer portal, IQ Card NetService. Purchases are recorded as they are made and can be viewed online immediately.

You can use the IQ Card NETService block and unblock each of your fuel cards. This guarantees you the highest level of security!
During our office opening hours, our staff are happy to help you.

For your own security, it is not possible to check your PIN code online. To receive your PIN code, you must call us during our office opening hours (Monday - Thursday: 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am - midday) on the following telephone number: +43 (0) 732 664001 - 99. Once we have checked your data, we will send or tell you your PIN code.

The weekly price in advance is set by our sales team at the beginning of the week and is based on the current market situation and the developments expected during the week in question. It is valid for the whole week from Monday to Sunday. The advantage to customers is that you already know your cost price at the beginning of the week. The weekly price in retrospect is calculated by using the average of our daily cost prices from the previous week. The advantage is that this is the fairest way to charge because all factors that influence the price can be taken into account.

Occasionally, the pump prices at the IQ Card stations do not comply with the trends on the markets and may fall, despite increasing cost prices. In order to create a fair basis for you, we offer you our best price guarantee. In cases where the pump price at the IQ Card stations is less than your current weekly or daily price, the lower price will automatically be charged when you refuel. In this way, we guarantee that you will always buy your fuel at the best prices.

The IQ Card team would be happy to help you with any further questions.